Poet’s Seat Tower, Greenfield MA

Nature, something that can be so beautiful or terrifying, is certainly always inspiring. It is the perfect topic for a poet to study. Frederick Goddard Tuckerman was a resident of Greenfield, MA moved to write his nature poetry while sitting at the highest point in the city, a place dubbed Poet’s Seat. As if the views weren’t lovely enough from the base, at this site there was a wooden tower. It burnt down and later replaced with the present day sandstone observation tower, Poet’s Seat Tower [Mountain Rd, Greenfield, MA 01301].

Poets_Seat_Tower_greenfield_This is a great place to take a nice long hike on the trails of Highland Park and Rocky Mountain Park, or just a quick jaunt up for some great views. On a bitter cold day with minimal time, we just checked out the tower. It was well worth the stop. Take the short walk up the well marked and maintained path.

Poets_Seat_Tower_Before you know it you will be at the base of the tower, the fanciest observation deck I have ever seen!

Poets_Seat_Tower_2Climb up the spiral stairs where the wonder awaits.

Poets_Seat_Tower_maPanoramic views of picturesque Pioneer Valley, worthy of poetry!


Like one constrained to wander

Alone till morning light,

Beneath the hopeless grandeur

Of a star-filled winter’s night.

Frederick Goddard Tuckerman

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