Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens

Butterflies are one of the most enchanting, yet fleeting creatures on earth. I can’t help my excitement when I see one in nature, but every time I try to get a closer look they fly away. A visit to Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens [281 Greenfield Rd, South Deerfield, MA 01373] is the perfect solution.

Magic_Wings_Butterfly_Conservatory_and_gardensA tropical conservatory environment holds nearly 4,000 butterflies from all over the world! With a space like that, you’re sure to have some close encounters and a whole lot of fun. Your experience begins in a small room filled with a plethora of interesting reptiles, amphibians, and insects on display.

Magic_Wings_Butterfly_Conservatory_Be sure to read all of the interesting facts posted and you might learn something new! I was so surprised to read that poison dart frogs and postman butterflies were only poisonous due to the food they eat, and if they don’t eat it, they won’t be poisonous. When you are ready walk through the doors into the 8,000-square foot glass house for the main event! I felt the warmth roll over me, so welcomed as I visited on a cold winter day. Butterflies were everywhere! Flying freely, on the plants, the ceiling, and even landing on Jeff’s head.

Magic_Wings_Butterfly_Conservatory_2What a lucky guy. The diversity was amazing, so many different colors and designs, how many different ones can you spot?

Magic_Wings_Butterfly_Conservatory_8With all of the beautiful colors, I happened to find the see-through butterfly most fascinating and exquisite. If you closely observe your surroundings, or simply to a glass covered wall you may observe chrysalises, and even some hatching action!

Magic_Wings_Butterfly_Conservatory_1While butterflies are the main draw here, they aren’t the only thing that is incredible. There are plenty of other animals to observe including a variety of birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles.

Magic_Wings_Butterfly_Conservatory_5The flora is phenomenal and décor fabulous.

Magic_Wings_Butterfly_Conservatory_3You could spend forever walking around the large conservatory, sitting on a bench and looking around, but an hour is plenty and works perfectly as well. Be sure to visit the gift shop on your way out, they have some pretty neat butterfly related objects. You can be metamorphic yourself.

Magic_Wings_Butterfly_Conservatory_deerfieldThis was a fantastic escape on a winter day and would be great on any rainy day. However, on a nice day when weather permits you can also visit the seasonal Iron Butterfly Outdoor Gardens filled with native butterflies. Any day is a good day to visit the butterflies!

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