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March seems colder than February this year and it has me daydreaming of warm weather. Excited for what is ahead and thinking about days gone by. Last summer I had the loveliest dining experience at the Riverview Café [48 Riverview St, Stuyvesant, NY 12173].

riverview_cafe_A unique setting in a quiet country-esque town, right across from a riverfront park and train tracks. On a warm day we opted to sit outside. Service was friendly, professional, and efficient. As we were waiting for our meal I couldn’t help but scamper across the street to check out that cherry bomb of a car in the lot,

riverview_cafe_columbia_countyand the beautiful Hudson River views.

riverview_cafe_stuyvesant_1I definitely jumped half a mile when the train came by, honking and blaring up the tracks.

riverview_cafe_stuyvesant_All part of the experience! Our meals came out promptly and we were very pleased with what received. This is a farm to table restaurant, food is made from scratch with ingredients from local farms. Jeff’s pulled pork sandwich was picture perfect!

riverview_cafe_stuyvesant_2The meat was smothered in a beautifully vibrant BBQ sauce, the onions were delicately crispy, and the greens were fresh a can be. My sandwich wasn’t quite as pretty as his, but oh boy did it taste just as good! It was actually out of control delicious. Listen up now, a BLT chicken salad sandwich.

riverview_cafe_stuyvesant_3The bacon was thick cut and out of this world. The chicken salad wasn’t heavy at all. Fresh and lightly dressed, it complimented the bacon perfectly. The veggies were crisp and yummy. It happened to be a triple-decker sandwich, the whole grain bread was toasted just right. It was one hefty sandwich, I had to enlist Jeff to help me finish it! So as for today, I am daydreaming of returning to the Riverview Café on another warm day to eat another mouthwatering sandwich while gazing out on the Hudson.

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