Siegel-Kline Kill, Ghent Hike

An easy short loop around the lovely Siegel-Kline Kill Preserve [1452 County Rt 21 (Garage Place), Ghent] is a wonderful addition to any day down in Columbia County.

siegel_kline_kill_preserveTake a look at the trail map, you will find just over a mile of trails to cover at this little gem of a park. Walk out into the wide open field, spy the mountains in the distance.

siegel_kline_kill_4Climb up the hill on the red trail, I bet it blooms wild in spring.

siegel_kline_kill_1The views of this rural landscape are beautiful,

siegel_kline_kill_2a happy hawk hunting flies high in this protected stretch of land.

siegel_kline_kill_3Make your way through the wooded trails,

siegel_kline_preserveand out to the banks of the Kline kill.

siegel_kline_kill_Look left and right, take in every little detail. Listen to the sound of the water and for nearby birds. Head back out through the field to complete your loop, and into your car with a refreshed peaceful feeling.

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