Mud Pond Preserve, Nassau

If you’re looking for a quiet walk in Columbia County Mud Pond Preserve [591 Central Nassau Rd East Nassau, New York] is the perfect spot, you may just have the entire place to yourself. The parking lot and kiosk look new, the paths are well maintained.

mud_pond_Nassau_2Take a good look at the trail map posted on there, and be on your way. Follow the streams, frozen on our visit, and gawk at the massive trees.

mud_pond_Nassau_This is a peaceful place. Under two miles of trails take you through woods and open fields, up and down mild bouts of elevation.

mud_pond_Nassau_1Walk along the edge of the bog, keeping a keen eye for activity.

mud_pond_preserve_Nassau_The park is alive with wildlife, there are plenty of birds to spot on your nature walk. Most notably, we heard and then saw the tail end of an owl taking off through the trees. We made it to Mud Pond overlook, the namesake element of the park, and were happy to see a splash of color on a winter day.

mud_pond_preserve_Nassau_2The work of busy beavers is noticeable spreading out the pond, taking down trees, shaping the environment.mud_pond_preserve_Nassau_1I can’t wait to visit again to check out the new constructed trails this spring and see the park in a different season!

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