Falling Waters Preserve, Saugerties Hike

Spring is in the air! There is nothing better for the body and soul than to take a hike. A perfectly scenic spot is Falling Waters Preserve [Intersection of Dominican Lane + York St, Glasco NY].

falling_waters_preserve_Check out the trail map before you head out. There are about two miles of trails to take, well marked and maintained with little elevation gain. Perfect for a relaxing nature walk! We started out on the red Upland Trail, initially bordering private property then transitioning into a more woodsy setting.

falling_waters_preserve_scenic_hudsonTake in the views of the Catskills in the distance, and when you end up at this peaceful looking statue the trail takes a turn towards the river.

falling_waters_preserve_9A cascading tributary was striking from above and possibly even more so at its base.

falling_waters_preserve_scenic_hudson_1Continue walking following the creek and you may notice a logfall.

falling_waters_preserve_6The red trail ends at the Hudson River and during our visit there was an eerie abandoned boat nestled amongst the scattered chunks of ice.

falling_waters_preserve_5We caught up with the white Riverside Trail and enjoyed the view. On a windless day the reflection of the puffy clouds only disturbed by floating mini icebergs was stellar.

falling_waters_preserve_4We finished up on the blue Father C. Jorn Trail, just .33 of a mile, but full of splendor. Heading down a mild hill there was a gazebo perfectly framing a waterfall, a lovely spot to sit on a warm day.

falling_waters_saugerties_1Get a closer look at that waterfall! This will feed the creek you’ll follow on this trail down to the river. The blue trail has got it all, a waterfall, creek, and those dreamy river views.

falling_waters_preserve_glascoWe walked around amongst the trees and noticed one had some mysterious fossil-y markings.

falling_waters_preserve_saugertiesFalling Waters is truly a gem of a preserve brimming with beauty, and you don’t have to be an experienced hiker to enjoy it. You just need a love for nature, a sense of adventure, and a good pair of walking shoes!

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  1. Spectacular views of the Hudson River and a relatively easy hike with only a couple of steep inclines. Check out some images I snapped there:

  2. Jay Burgess says:

    Thanks for spotlighting this Scenic Hudson park. Our group has a network of parks up and down the Hudson River that are always free to the public. Lots to explore and enjoy. More at http://www.scenichudson.org/parks. Happy hiking. — Jay Burgess, Scenic Hudson

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