Newtonville Park, Latham Hike

Do you shop at Fresh Market? Are you going for a bite to eat in Latham? Maybe you’re a student at Siena College. Maybe none of these things apply to you, I just generally like to clump activities located near one another together. I was actually doing none of the above, the allure of a new nature walk was the sole reason to make the drive to the tiny Newtonville Park [Located behind Colonie Town Hall at 534 New Loudon Rd, Latham, NY 12110] for a breath of fresh air.

newtonville_park_colonie_Between the parking lot and the trails is a large pond and gazebo.

newtonville_park_colonie_5A picture perfect sight. Follow the pond to its outlet and you will see a wetland scene.

newtonville_park_colonie_1Robins were bathing happily in the water.

newtonville_park_colonie_2Elusive woodpeckers were flitting about the trees in search of some lunch. We picked up the trails, all in all a half mile of walking to do here. The trails are assigned with numbers, so if you have the trail map you will know exactly where you are. The path loops, with some shortcuts that cross through the middle.

newtonville_park_colonie_4You will be walking close to residential homes. The woods are peaceful and quiet, the walk is relaxing. We didn’t see any others out on a chilly day, but there were footprints in the snow. Soon after we passed a water tower, we popped back out onto a paved trail in sight of the parking lot.

newtonville_park_and_environmental_centerSome blue mountains were a happy source of color in the distant background. So whether you have business in the area or you just want to get out and explore a new trail, add Newtonville Park to your list of places to discover.

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