Sage Estates, Menands Hike

The days are getting blissfully longer. It’s once again possible to go out for a walk after work with some sunlight! To spice up the weekly routine it’s always fun to try out a hiking spot with a new view. Just ten minutes out of Albany and into Menands is a little preserve in a quiet neighborhood with some gorgeous homes. With no name on the trailhead local hiking bloggers have dubbed this park Sage Estates [Intersection of Park Drive and Mountain View Rd, Menands]. The nondescript entrance is located between two homes.

sage_estates_menands_12I wondered if it was okay to park on the street, there were no signs anywhere. Just as we got out of the car a cop was driving by. I asked if we were legal and he happily replied that it was fine. So we were set and ready for a hike. There isn’t much signage within the park, but it isn’t big enough to get very lost inside. I would guess about two miles of trails total, and they are quite nicely maintained.

sage_estates_menands_11There are three paths the one running straight bisects the two. We decided to take the right path and come back via the left path. There were some decent hills to get the heart rate pumping. On a dreary day details which normally wouldn’t grab your attention seemed to pop! I appreciated a particular noble tree much larger than the rest.

sage_estates_menands_13I also giggled at the snow shadow cast on the ground on account of the long branches of another tree.

sage_estates_menands_9Keep walking on, and when you get up high you’ll be treated to a great view of a winding creek in a ravine.

sage_estates_menands_10Following the creek will lead you to its source and a little waterfall.

sage_estates_menands_8From there we ended up in a big open meadow.

sage_estates_menands_A quiet walk through the woods brought us back to the car on the street, and I noticed a pretty neat view I didn’t catch on the way in.

sage_estates_What a nice little nature walk, so close to home. A quick drive back to those state buildings with a refreshed state of mind, the woods will always do you good.

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