Breakabeen General Store, Schoharie Eats

Nothing fancy here, a little run down in fact, but I sure love a dive. Breakabeen General Store [115 Clauverwie Rd # 1, Middleburgh, NY 12122] was our lunch pick of the day in Schoharie County.

breakabeen_general_store_98The big old white building dabbles in a bit of everything, just like a good general store should. Inside the place is kind of dark, there really isn’t room to sit so plan on taking your grub or goods to go (on a sunny day you can sit outside). The aisles are narrow, amble on through and take a look. Cereal and cat food, check.

breakabeen_general_store_8You’ll find your brand name run of the mill items. If you delve deeper you will discover local meats, jerky, and a surprising assortment of local beer ranging from Shmaltz to Ommegang. Spy the beer-plane.

breakabeen_general_store_schoharieUp at the counter there wasn’t much of a menu on display. They have boar’s head products and any accoutrements you can think of. We created our own style of sandwich with everything we asked for on it. Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and mustard on rye.

breakabeen_general_store_middleburghIt was loaded with all of the good stuff, and satisfying enough to split for a small lunch. Well, if you get a container of the store made macaroni salad to go with it of course.

breakabeen_general_store_3Fresh and lightly dressed, plenty of little veggie chunks, delightful. The food was simple, wholesome, and just plain good. It was whipped up fast, the price was right, and it was great to support a local business. Visit this diamond in the rough next time you’re looking for a quick lunch in the Schoharie area.

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