Mauna Lani Beach, Big Island Hawaii

The Mauna Lani Beach [68-1400 Mauna Lani Dr, Puako, HI 96743 – follow the signs to Historic Shoreline Access] is a hidden gem in plain sight, north of Kona. This resort is incredible, and the best part is you don’t have to pay big resort dollars to experience it. After parking in the free designated lot take a ten minute walk to get to the beach. Don’t worry, the walk is anything but boring. It’s more like an added bonus in my book! You will be walking on the Kalahuipua’a Historic Park and Trails, a wonderful paved path filled with nature and interesting sights to see. Read the historical plaques that frequently pop up along the trail cueing you in to the lives of ancient native Hawaiians.

mauna_lani_big_island_1Enter the amazing lava tube cave for a few minutes to explore and cool down out of the sun.

mauna_lani_big_island_5Wildlife sightings are frequent ranging from birds, predators like cats and mongoose, and adorable little mice.

mauna_lani_big_island_2When you get to the fishing ponds you are close! A scene like this would be commonplace in ancient Hawaiian days. The ponds were a nifty technique that would trap and cultivate fish for food. You can clearly see plenty of fish in the waters.

mauna_lani_fish_pond_1Once you cross a little bridge and the beach is in sight you will find a particularly special small pond, one that holds eels!

mauna_lani_eelsI told you this walk was phenomenal! So you made it to the beach, a serene lagoon with calm crystal clear water.

Mauna_Lani_Beach_kona_Paradise. Early in the day the beach was quiet. No one seemed to mind that we were laying on the resort lounge chairs, we felt very comfortable. The water was perfect for swimming or snorkeling and the sand was very interesting. If you investigate a coarse handful you’ll notice along with the white and black, specks of green! This fantastic beach was a highlight on our trip to the Kona side of the island, do not miss!

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