Suisan Fish Market, Hilo

Poke is quite possibly my favorite food on earth. I first discovered its wonder on Oahu last year at Tanioka’s, and have been addicted ever since. Raw cubes of fresh fish marinated in all sorts of goodies served on a bed of rice, simple perfection. It doesn’t get much fresher than Suisan Fish Market [93 Lihiwai St, Hilo, HI 96720], right on the water, which had the best poke we tasted on the Big Island.

suisan_fish_market_hilo_1The market was small and even early in the morning was busy with locals and tourists alike looking at the glass counter of beautiful poke. The lady behind the counter gave me a taste of a few different types, but I am a sucker for spicy ahi forgoing unique guava kim chee or mango habanero options.

suisan_fish_market_hilo_2Each bite was soft, delicious, creamy, and with a great dash of spice. So, so, very good. Inside the market it small, so you can bring it outside or eat it on the go.

suisan_fish_market_hilo_3The market also offers a small variety of local snacks.

suisan_fish_market_hilo_The taro chips were a really great salty treat on nearby Richardson Ocean Park beach! Enjoying your meal on the black sand while watching the waves, what could be better?

richardson_ocean_park_hiloSuisan is the spot to get poke in Hilo. High quality fish and affordable prices = happy customers.

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