Shop at Big Island Candies, Hilo

From the minute you walk in the door, the friendly staff at Big Island Candies [585 Hinano St Hilo, HI 96720] will offer you samples and you are free to discover them down the aisles as well.

big_island_candies_2Taste test around and find what you’re favorite style of candy is in this gourmet dessert store and factory. You will see the stores signature shortbread cookies, dense, buttery, crumbly, dipped in an assortment of flavors. Other desserts use some interesting local ingredients such as macadamia nuts, li hing, mochi, manaju, and kona coffee, a list which is as diverse as Hawaiian culture. Our favorite discovery were the decadent lemon brownies, we had to bring some back for our parents.

big_island_candies_Many of the desserts are packaged beautifully and make excellent gifts for friends and family at home, and they can be shipped right from the store.

big_island_candies_1If you are a dessert lover you must make a stop to shop at Big Island Candies, only found in Hawaii.

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