Dragon Kitchen Sushi, Hilo

Comfortably tucked into the scene on the main drag in Hilo, we found the perfect spot to eat our Sunday lunch. Many places are closed Sundays, but Dragon Kitchen Sushi [330 Kamehameha Ave, Hilo, HI 96720] was on my list of places to eat no matter what day it was (except Thursdays…they’re closed then!). So we popped in and realized the store was set in a tiny mall with a few different other eateries, and a magnificent rainbow mural.

DSCN7142How could you not be happy? Head up to the counter and order up. We got spicy ahi rolls and poke to split, it was very affordable.

DSCN7144Everything is made with brown rice (interesting) and fresh fish by this husband and wife duo. The food was prepared quickly, yet with care, and we loved the casual atmosphere. We ordered. The food was made. We ate it. We were on our way. This is exactly how I like lunch, smack in the middle of the day, because there are other things to do! Food is fuel, but food should be delicious too. Dragon Kitchen had the perfect combination of fast, fresh, and fantastic sushi, so I can get back into the Hawaiian sunshine.

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