Hawaii 3.0

This winter Jeff and I returned to our favorite state, Hawaii! Although this was our third visit, in many ways it felt like we were there for the first time all over again. On this adventure we explored two new islands: Hawaii (Big Island) and Kauai, and revisited our beloved Oahu. It was our first time ‘island hopping’ and everything went smoothly with our connecting flights. This trip enforced my idea that each of the Hawaiian Islands is a completely distinct and unique world from the others.

hawaii_I loved the Big Island because it really is BIG and there is so much to do. Some of the most strange and beautiful sights in the world can be seen on this island. Kauai stole my heart because it’s a small town island that felt out of time, stuck years behind the mainland. I love all of the little neighborhoods, casual, relaxed, and rural – the chickens and horses running about. Oahu is such a treasure because you have all the benefits of an international city, yet you’re still able to retreat into nature, all while in a tropical paradise. Hawaii is such an amazing place that everyone should have on their bucket list to visit.

hawaii_1If you fall in love like we did, you’ll feel the need to go back again and again. The only problem with the state is that it isn’t closer! Though that might be the key to keeping it such a magical destination. Its remote nature assures that it isn’t overrun with people. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing my favorite hikes, restaurants, and activities all over the islands! Stay tuned.

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