Alpamayo Restaurant, Berkshire Eats

Until I actually get to Peru, I’ll have to settle for eating Peruvian cuisine, and that ain’t so bad! It’s actually great, if you’re at Alpamayo Restaurant [60 Main St, Lee, MA 01238]. The atmosphere is very comfortable, service is helpful. We took our time looking over the big menu, not sure what to get. One surprise came to me, and although I know it is a common food source in Peru, it seemed strange to see on an American menu. Cuy, or as we know it, guinea pig!

Alpamayo_Peruvian_lee_1I thought of my neighbors guinea pig Tink I used to babysit while they were on vacation…no, not for me on this day. We put our order in and received some corn kernels.

Alpamayo_Peruvian_lee_I usually eat the corn on the cob, or popped from a bag, but the roasted, salty, buttery kernels were actually really tasty and oddly addictive. We both ended up ordering the same thing, which doesn’t happen very often. The Pollo Saltado sounded too good to pass up, it was the meal of the night at our table! Sauteed chicken with veggies, delightfully hidden French fries in the mix, and a side of rice.

Alpamayo_Peruvian_lee_2Looked good, smelt good, we were in business. It was hot, fresh, and the sauce was excellent…just an overall comforting meal. We skipped tempting appetizers knowing we wanted dessert, and I’m not sorry. We split two, the first was Crema Volteda or caramel custard, which was better than any flan I’ve ever had.

Alpamayo_Peruvian_lee_3It’s velvety texture and loads of carmel sauce were supreme. The second, a leches cake which is always a scrumptious treat. Oooh, and I got the cherry! We drove home after a day of adventure in the Berkshires full and happy having found an excellent new restaurant with a unique and delicious cuisine. Until we get to Peru, thank you Alpamayo, for bringing us there for dinner.

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