Bash Bish Falls, Berkshire Hike

Driving through the Berkshires during peak foliage, what a vision the world was. We had already hiked Alander Mountain that day, and had plans for a museum later, but I wasn’t ready to give up the outdoors. It was our anniversary and I thought hey, why don’t we revisit a spot we’d been to years ago and see if it looks any different today. So happily off to Bash Bish Falls [Falls Road Mt. Washington, MA 01258] we went. There are two parking lots to choose from. The lower is in New York, a bit longer of a path at .7 miles, but more relaxing. It takes you on a scenic gravel road with only a slight grade. Neat thing is you get to cross the border between two states on foot. The upper lot is in Massachusetts and is a bit shorter, but more strenuous. During a brief .25 mile hike you will descend, and upon returning ascend 300 feet. So with that knowledge, your choice! We took the shorter trail as we had already done our mileage for the day. First, we decided to check out the scenic view, scrambling up a short trail. Wow, we picked the right day for this one, but I’m sure this view would look amazing in any color.

bash_bish_falls_12Next we started our forested descent.

bash_bish_falls_14Steep, switchbacks, natural stairs, man made stairs, but before you know it – you’re down, only a quarter of a mile.

bash_bish_falls_15Exciting thing is, you’re about to see Massachusetts highest waterfall! At 60 feet, Bash Bish is the record holder, and a lovely little sight!

bash_bish_falls_16Climb down the stairs to get a closer look, amble on the rocks to get even closer.

bash_bish_falls_17Take a peek down where the water continues to flow.

bash_bish_falls_18In the summer people love to swim here, even if it is illegal. So we sat and looked at the falls for a few minutes. An old man painted them from up on his perch, parents took their kids on this easy hike, people of all ages were happy to see this natural wonder. How idyllic. The time came and we made our short, sweaty ascent, back to the lot and on with the day – a little brighter after that beautiful Bash Bish waterfall.

Flashback to college Julie, who barely journeyed off SUNY Albany campus. A friend had the idea to go to Bash Bish Falls, and for whatever reason, College Julie couldn’t stop calling it Bish-Bash Falls. She couldn’t get the difference through her head, and this way sounded better to her, but it really didn’t matter. The ragtag crew including her new boyfriend Jeff camped on a perfect summer weekend, hiked, made smores and memories, cut firewood with axes, and ate burn bacon for breakfast. Happy times. The views were a lot greener that day. The waterfall was flowing stronger. I thought it was the coolest thing straddle the state border between New York and Massachusetts, be in two places at once.

bash_bish_fallsI didn’t even know the region was called the Berkshires, or that I’d ever be back. Then my world revolved around my friends, campus, and what party we’d go to next – never realizing the beautiful area that existed outside of my school. Flash forward, I am so happy to have discovered the Berkshires, rediscovered Bash Bish Falls, and excited to see what else is out there. Message here? Perhaps…don’t ever be afraid to leave your protectively bubble and get out there – the world holds amazing treasures just waiting to be revealed, by YOU.

bash_bish_falls_1And PS above, this wet, finger smudgy, blurry perfect picture with Bash Bish Falls in the background remains on my fridge today!

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