Barberville Falls, Poestenkill Hike

Little hike, big payoff. If you want to see a stunning 90-foot waterfall you won’t have to walk very far from your car, and it’s only a 25 minute drive from downtown Albany. Barberville Falls [Parking lot is before the intersection of Blue Factory Road and Plank Road in Poestenkill] is a must see if you’re living in the Capital Region. After parking, your first move is to walk .3 miles down the road and find the Falls Trail. It is a well marked short, flat, but slightly rocky trail which will bring you to the top of the falls. It’s loud and a cool view, but keep going. I’ve been here multiple times and as with all waterfalls it’s good to come after a heavy rain, but this waterfall always seems to be raging in the spring or fall. Down the trail to the base of the falls is steep, often muddy and slippery – but so worth it.

Barberville_Falls_poestenkill_And there you are, a perfect view. I could watch these tumultuous falls forever in a meditative trance. You get to witness this stunning natural sight for just .5 miles of effort, pretty excellent in my book. When you get back up to the trailhead, if you want to go for a longer hike continue further down the road you will find access to the Ridge Trail. On my last visit it seemed a bit neglected. Upon entering, adjacent to a private residence, there were waves of garbage. Keep trucking, the forest will win this battle.

Barberville_Falls_poestenkill_1Quiet woods, I’m assuming not too many visitors know about this trail, we didn’t see a soul. You’ll follow the orange blazes around the ridge, descend to the creek fording over some tributaries, and head back up to where you started after a 1.3 mile loop.

Barberville_Falls_poestenkill_2 Barberville_Falls_poestenkill_3If you still want some more hiking, head back towards the parking lot, and past it to find the Creek Trail. Walk along the banks of the Poestenkill adding an additional mile to the day. Whether you’re looking for an easy access waterfall, or a few miles of hiking, you’ll find whatever you need here in the tranquil woods of Poestenkill.

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2 Responses to Barberville Falls, Poestenkill Hike

  1. julieovaltrades says:

    I heard that they have closed it off in past summers because people weren’t respecting no swimming rules. Such a shame!

  2. Gabriel Rollins says:

    This is closed for entire summer of 2016, which was a huge bummer.

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