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I find myself California dreaming so often. It’s not just the winter weather getting me down, it happens in the summer too. Sure I love the California sunshine, the beautiful nature and beach, but really what California has that’s got me hankerin’ is some of the worlds best fish tacos. I live on them when I visit the state, but I could never find a place to grab great fish tacos in Albany, until now! A visit to Fin Your Fishmonger [2050B Western Ave, Guilderland, NY 12084] satisfies these cravings and more. Walking in you’ll discover this really is a fishmonger, you can buy fresh fish, prepared fish, and all lots of accoutrements to go.

fin_your_fish_monger_ fin_your_fish_monger_1Sounds like a yummy easy dinner for the week, but I already did my grocery shopping. I was here for dinner, fish tacos, oh yeah! It’s more of a take out place, but there are a few little tables to eat in. We put our order in at the counter and waited a short time. They had two kinds of tacos on their menu so we went for both. One was a white fish with typical Mexican seasonings and fresh veggies.

fin_your_fish_monger_3It was very good, hot, fresh, and upon looking at the menu I almost ordered two of these because the other one sounded too different, and I wanted to play it safe. I eat a lot of salmon at home so I don’t usually order it out, and I’ve never had it in a taco before. Jeff egged me on and I’m really happy he did, because the other one ended up being my favorite! The Salmon Korean BBQ taco was off the hook.

fin_your_fish_monger_2Excellent flavor combos, I could eat these everyday. So there is no doubt I will be back again and again for fish tacos, but I really want to try out some of their take home meals as well! If you are a seafood lover, get to know your local fishmonger, at Fin’s!

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  1. Dora says:

    Thanks for stopping in, Julie! So glad you enjoyed your tacos and gave the Korean BBQ salmon taco a try ~ it really is a winner. We look forward to seeing you again soon, maybe for a cup of clam chowder or a brown butter vinaigrette warm lobster roll. 😉

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