Albany Eats: Namu Korean BBQ

I love unique food experiences, trying out different types of cuisines, keeping it interesting when dining out. I’ve tried Korean food many times, but Namu Korean BBQ [1770 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12205] was my first experience with Korean BBQ. Outside: generic strip mall, Inside: trendy, spacious, clean. Korean pop videos on TV line the walls, and your complimentary banchan appetizers are served. My taste is still acclimating to Korean spices, I don’t always love all banchan dishes, however these were particularly fresh.

namu_albany_banchanThe noodles and green beans were among my favorite. Also, we were brought little iceberg salads with some tangy ginger dressing.

namu_korean_bbq_1Jeff and I both decided on Korean BBQ, although Namu offers other options such as dishes that come in stone bowls or hot pots. I don’t believe it is the traditional way of doing things, but at Namu a server cooks up your meat tableside on your personal grill. I actually appreciated this, because I didn’t have to worry about cooking my own food incorrectly.

namu_korean_bbq_5 namu_korean_bbq_7My garlic chicken was out of this world delicious. So tender and bursting with garlic flavor accompanied by some peppers and onions for a nice crisp, fresh texture, and two dipping sauces.

namu_korean_bbq_6Jeff went with sam gyeop, thick cut pork belly, which was marinated in tasty herbs and paired up with an onion.

namu_korean_bbq_8We were both extremely happy, and shared a side of black rice which was moist and delectable.

namu_korean_bbq_4Our dinner was so excellent we sprung for dessert even though we were already full. I had to see what their mini rice doughnuts were all about.

namu_korean_bbq_9These bad boys came out steaming hot, freshly fried, rolled in coconut sugar – need I say any more? Surely the sweetest way to end our experience at Namu, can’t wait to return again.

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