Most Wanted Taco Shop, Phoenix

Arizona…Mexican food. Mexican food…tacos. Tacos…mmm…If this is your thought process while visiting Phoenix, be sure to check out Most Wanted Taco Shop [9822 N 7th St #7, Phoenix, AZ 85020] for some mmm good, you guessed it! Tacos. Located in a little strip mall walk in and feel at home. Your first time? Don’t worry trying to decide if you’ll like something, the friendly employees will offer you an array of samples so you’ll know for sure. Tortillas grilled up hot, throw on that choice of meat, and select your array of add-ons. Tacos come fast, fresh, and absolutely delicious. I can vouch for delicious chicken,

most_wanted_tacos_phoenix_while Jeff can tout the pork.

most_wanted_tacos_phoenix_1Help yourself at the salsa bar. It is told that this place once was covered in luchador décor, but during our visit it was under some decorating renovation.

most_wanted_tacos_phoenix_2Most Wanted was exactly what we wanted for lunch. Quick service and delicious fresh tacos!

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