Bell Rock, Sedona Hike

“How it swells!

How it dwells

On the Future! how it tells

Of the rapture that impels

To the swinging and the ringing

Of the bells, bells, bells”

One of my favorite Poe poems, “The Bells” was all I heard in my head as we parked and approached Bell Rock [6246 State Route 179, Sedona, AZ 86351, $5 parking fee/America the Beautiful pass]. So appropriate was the tune as that November storm came whipping and whirling in once more, never quite relinquishing its grip on the day I visited Sedona. Bell Rock is picture perfect: vibrant red, almost symmetrical, jutting out of level ground.

bell_rock_sedona_It’s a fantastic sight to see, and along with Cathedral Rock, an energy vortex site. Its neighbor Courthouse Butte is another stunning monument sharing that same red hue, but holding a very different shape.

bell_rock_sedona_1I couldn’t think of anything more lovely than walking around these amazing structures on a warm sunny day. There are two parking lots which are ideal for hiking around Bell Rock. Initially we popped into the farther lot which has informational plaques and restroom facilities.

DSCN6610On our visit two walking sticks were occupying the outside walls, super cool!

bell_rock_sedona_3 bell_rock_sedona_2As the storm was picking up we decided skip the extra mileage, no matter how minimal it was, to the closer lot. By this time the nearby Courthouse Butte was almost invisible in the near distance as we took to the short loop trail, under a mile.

bell_rock_sedona_6The flora along the trail is distinctive and colorful, but no wildlife sightings on this wintery day.

bell_rock_sedona_4 bell_rock_sedona_8Cold wet snow was blowing into our eyes, but we made our way up to the base of Bell Rock on the slick trail, following the rock cairns.

bell_rock_sedona_7No views on account of the white out, but worth every moment of the struggle. When I eventually return to Sedona, I would love to see what this hike looks like with clear skies!

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2 Responses to Bell Rock, Sedona Hike

  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Such a great place, would love to get back to the area and hike some more!

  2. We visited Sedona and hiked along the Bell Rock Pathway in December a couple of years ago and had a similar stormy experience. It really is a magical place. But I agree – it would be nice to hike this trail with blue skies and lots of sun (minus the heat though).

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