Breakfast in Flagstaff: Brandy’s Restaurant

Open at 6:30 AM daily, Brandy’s Restaurant [1500 E Cedar Ave #40, Flagstaff, AZ 86004] is an excellent choice for the early bird. We scored the last booth and cozy-ed on in and our eyes searched all of the eclectic art on the walls. I have to be in the mood to go for a real egg dish, and on this particular morning I was in it. Jeff egged me on and we both went for the restaurants namesake dish. Eggs Brandy is an eggs benedict served on a seriously tasty handcrafted bagel.

brandy's_restaurant_flagstaff_This indulgent dish was so filling on its own, but still came with a side of pancakes or country potatoes. Since we each got the dish we got both sides to split. The taters were soft and excellently seasoned. The blueberry pancakes were flawless fluffy and came with strawberry butter. Strawberry butter. Make my day Brandy Restaurant! The breakfast was amazing, and the restaurant is also a bakery. The pastry case is the first thing you notice as you walk inside.

brandy's_restaurant_flagstaff_1Everything looked heavenly, and upon consulting with my partner we decided to take two Danishes to go. We were far too full after breakfast to consume them, but as a post-hike mid-morning snack they did us well. One blackberry and one cherry split down the middle warm from the hot car eaten over my lap on a piece of paper.

brandy's_restaurant_flagstaff_3It may not look picture perfect in this fashion, but oh boy, this bakery can cook a flaky, buttery, fruity, fantastic Danish.

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