Breakfast in Flagstaff: Martanne’s Café

A Mexican joint for breakfast? I wasn’t so sure. Would it be too heavy? Would I like anything on the menu so early in the morning? I ran the idea by Jeff and it was an instantaneous yes, so a mexbrex it was. Martanne’s Café [112 Historic Rte 66, Flagstaff, AZ 86001], or Burrito Palace, or Breakfast Palace depending on who you talk to…which ever name you choose to call it – was a huge success. We found a quiet side street to park the car and saw some murals along the way.

martannes_flagstaff_5 martannes_flagstaff_4We got there relatively early, around 9AM, and the place was packed! Brightly colored walls were plastered with majestically trippy paintings offset by black pleather chairs.martannes_flagstaff_1

The décor is beyond fabulous. We squeezed through other diners to get to our little island table for two, and after I put my order in I gazed at all the artwork.

martanns_flagstaffSome prints are for sale by the register if you fall in love with a particular piece. The food came out and it was as fantastic as the scene! I got perfectly prepared French toast with a generous portion of vibrant fresh strawberries on top.

martannes_flagstaff_3The coffee was good and strong. Jeff decided on Martanne’s burrito which had scrambled eggs, tomatoes, green onions, sliced chilies, and cheese…

martannes_flagstaff_2I snuck some bites of this epically delicious meal, and helped myself to some hash browns which were delicately divine as well! We were very happy customers, full, and ready for a whole day of adventuring in Arizona.

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