Four Corners Monument

I think that the idea of borders is so bizarre. You walk over an imaginary line and suddenly you are in a different state, province, country, wherever, with different rules and laws that are real. Even though I have these funny feelings about borders, I’ve always wanted to visit Four Corners Monument [597 New Mexico 597, Teec Nos Pos, NM 86514]. It’s real, but also totally imaginary, and holds no importance, you should go! We woke up extra early to leave Utah and get to the monument by the time they open, bright and early 8AM. It’s really in the middle of nowhere, but the drive is relaxing. You pass by strange rock formations, horses, oil drilling equipment, and not too much else.

four_corners_national_monument_ four_corners_national_monument_5The site is a part of the Navajo Nation Parks & Recreational system, so unlike many of the National Parks we visited the America the Beautiful pass was not accepted. Admission wasn’t steep though, just $5 a person. There are only portable toilets and no running water, so you know. Since we got in so early all of the vendors were still setting up their wares, and the food truck wasn’t up and running (I am told they have Indian fry bread).

four_corners_national_monument_4I walked around and found a really neat handmade bracelet from one of the artisans, their goods range from cheap chotchkies to exquisite artwork, you can be sure to find a unique souvenir here. After shopping I took my time reading every informational plaque, circling the perimeter before I entered the center.

four_corners_national_monument_2People patiently wait for one another to have their time and take their pictures, but so early on a November morning there weren’t many others around to contend with. Really it’s just an etching on the ground.

four_corners_national_monument_3Simple as that, but four different states with four different sets of rules and cultures – divided by a simple line on the ground. We took our silly pictures in four places at one time, a must for the memory book.

four_corners_national_monument_1111Just like that we were on our way, driving through that vast countryside. We briefly stopped for a lunch in New Mexico before heading into Arizona, and the next adventure.

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