Scott M Matheson Wetland Preserve, Moab

Moab is a Mecca for the outdoorsy. Most flock to the national parks or state parks, it is easy to overlook the townie preserve. Scott M Matheson Wetland Preserve [820 Kane Creek Boulevard, Moab, UT 84532] is a vacation from your vacation.

matheson_wetlands_preserve_moab_You won’t find admission fees or a crowd, just peaceful boardwalk trails and those who inhabit the wetlands.

matheson_wetlands_preserve_moab_2Follow the Mill Creek

matheson_wetlands_preserve_moab_1or get up close and personal with the Colorado River.

matheson_wetlands_preserve_moab_8Admire the La Sal Mountains ever looming in the distance.

matheson_wetlands_preserve_moab_9Feel the stillness of the meadow.

matheson_wetlands_preserve_moab_3Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, deer frequent the trails and the birding is superb in this unique habitat.

matheson_wetlands_preserve_moab_6 matheson_wetlands_preserve_moab_7This is a preserve like one you might find at home, a hidden gem in plain sight. If you feel like going off the beaten path in Moab, skip the main attractions for an hour or so to walk a relaxing mile on the trails.

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