Red Iguana, Salt Lake City

This is the place to get mole. Everyone is waiting on line outside because they know about the mole. It was cold, we had hiked all day, but none of that mattered. We were thankful they offered us a hot cup of cider to hold onto and sip as we huddled under the heat lamp.

red_iguana_salt_lake_city_6The hostess said thirty minutes, but we waited fifteen at most. Inside the colorful world of the Red Iguana [736 N Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84116].

red_iguana_salt_lake_city_The place was buzzing. We scooped salsa in and tried to decide on which mole to get looking at their descriptions.

red_iguana_salt_lake_city_1It was a hard decision, as neither of us are mole experts and they have many moles to choose from. Lucky for us, our waitress brought a rainbow plate of sauces to sample.

red_iguana_salt_lake_city_2Each was rich and tasty, any choice would be great, but since I had to pick one…I went with the verde!

red_iguana_salt_lake_city_3aIt was hot and a lot, earthy, and creamy. The blend of avocado, zucchini, basil, and jalapeño was magnificent alchemy. I got mine with the most tender shreddable chicken. I loaded bits of the meat in to warm tortillas with a smidge of rice and beans. What could be better? It was so much food, I no way to finish it all, but you do want to leave room for dessert. Their popular fried ice cream is uniquely delectable.

red_iguana_salt_lake_city_5It is actually packed into burrito form and has a layer of shredded coconut, caramel and chocolate sauce, this is the king of fried ice creams. Hop on line, order the mole, save room for dessert, and goodnight SLC!

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