The Robins Nest, Salt Lake City

I’m really fascinated by Salt Lake City. I was in town for such a short time it was hard to get a grasp on the deeper feel of it all, but I liked what I saw. You can’t drive around the city without noticing the Mormon Headquarters,

salt_lake_city_99the state capitol,

salt_lake_city_888and that looming mountain, so high in the sky.

salt_lake_city_999999It’s such an eclectic mix. You see the young shiny families with lots of kids and then people who seem to be rebelling with their green hair, tattoos, and septum piercings… With so much pulling my mind in every different direction, I just wanted a nice sandwich. The Robins Nest [311 Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84111] is the place to get that really, very nice sandwich.

salt_lake_city_888888Go up to the counter and order your pick. If you get a combo your sandwich comes with a little pasta salad, a little dessert, and a fountain drink. I got the Madam, kind of like a turkey BLT but with some extra lovin’.

robins_nest_salt_lake_city_As suggested, it was great with avocado. Simple excellence. Every ingredient was fresh and as it should be. The thick cuts of bread were soft and fresh. I downed that sandwich, and then I completed that aptly portioned cup of tangy orzo salad, and continued to devour that sinfully luscious little chocolate cake nibble. I slurped on an unsweetened ice tea all throughout this meal. In a world that can be so crazy, staying in a different hotel almost every night for two weeks, and finding yourself in a brand new city, you just want that perfect sandwich which makes you feel like you’re home. This was it, thank you!

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