Gilgal Sculpture Park, Salt Lake City

A small sculpture park where the motif is Mormonism, Gilgal [749 500 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84102] is an interesting sight for visitors. We were driving down a quiet block and blew right by it. I saw zero sign that it existed in what looked like a residential area. With faith in my GPS, we circled around again, still seeing nothing, decided to park, get out, and investigate. The GPS showed that there was a very narrow path leading into the small park. Upon walking to its location we saw the tiny sign, there was a mother and child who just walked out.

gilgal_sculpture_salt_lake_city_It was very fascinating to gain perspective about this religion, which is mysterious to me, through the sculptures.

gilgal_sculpture_salt_lake_city_1 gilgal_sculpture_salt_lake_city_4gilgal_sculpture_salt_lake_city_6 gilgal_sculpture_salt_lake_city_7The sculpture which made the biggest impression was the sphinx which had a human face.

gilgal_sculpture_salt_lake_city_2We ended up seeing this image which must have cultural significance throughout the city. Other sculptures had artifacts and scripture.

gilgal_sculpture_salt_lake_city_5 gilgal_sculpture_salt_lake_city_3There were remnants of a garden and the tail end of the rose season, we caught one last beautiful blossom.

gilgal_sculpture_salt_lake_city_9The walk about the park took only a few minutes, but I think it was very interesting and worth it to be exposed to the culture of the region.

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