Dessert at Sweet Raku, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for being over the top, you’re supposed to indulge your sinful self here. So don’t skip on dessert. In fact, get dessert that’s so over the top, you may never forget the experience in your life. Go to Sweet Raku [5040 W Spring Mountain Rd #3, Las Vegas, NV 89146] in Las Vegas Chinatown.There is actually a red carpet rolled out for you.

sweet_raku_8You’ll find it in a little strip mall next to Big Wong.

sweet_raku_7The place is small, sparkling, sterile clean, and sparsely decorated with a mod feel.

sweet_raku_1We took a seat at the bar and the magic was revealed. The ladies creating these desserts were artists – and watching them craft was entertainment in itself. We looked at the menu. Jeff decided on the Ringo. A freshly made buttery pastry with apple compote, paired with creamy gelato and all sorts of lovely accoutrements. Quite a dessert on its own, however, the star of the show was the magnificent apple.

sweet_raku_5We watched the chef take a blowtorch out and spin, work, meld, and pipe this perfect apple full of cream.

sweet_raku_It was spectacular to watch, and just as delicious to eat!

sweet_raku_6I went with the Mt. Fuji and watched in awe. Little circular cakes were topped with slathering hazelnut cream.

sweet_raku_2Just when I thought my dish may seem rather ordinary compared to Jeff’s, the wonky stringy machine topped my little cakes with a great hairdo.

sweet_raku_3Paired with some chocolate spears which added great texture, my dessert turned out to be pretty epic as well.

sweet_raku_4What you’ll get when you visit is seriously divine dessert, a fantastic show, and it is all very reasonably priced. Who knew a place so wild would be stowed away in a little strip mall in Chinatown. You do! Don’t miss dessert and a show at Sweet Raku.

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