Egg Works, Las Vegas

The vision: A full day of hiking with abundant energy and sunshiny happiness. How to accomplish this when no good food is sold at the park? The plan: Breakfast in Las Vegas at Egg Works [4533 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas NV, 89102, and various locations]. A real hardy breakfast can keep you satisfied for hours, and if you pick the right place you may even grab a few goodies to fuel you during the rest of the day until you reach dinnertime. Egg Works was perfectly cozy and open real early which was an essential element of our journey. Off the strip, as all of our dining went, we easily parked in the back and strolled on in. The menus are especially cute, with a newspaper design.

egg_works_las_vegas_4Mull it over. I had difficulty as usually because I wanted everything. We decided to go halfsies, which is best because you get to enjoy both sweet and savory. Let’s start with the basic. We each had a hefty half of a bacon egg and cheese sandwich which was right on. The grilled ciabatta bread was a great vessel, and the sandwich was accompanied by a whopping side of perfectly poppable little ‘habla diabla’ potato squares. They were slightly spicily seasoned and not greasy at all – loved um!

egg_works_las_vegas_1Now the breakfast sandwich was great, seriously, but the banana bread French toast was just plain out of this world.

egg_works_las_vegas_You have to go for it! It is moist, airy, and had a mild sweetness to it, plus you get to slather it with apple compote. It didn’t even need syrup in my opinion. I was sad when my two pieces of the toast were gone, but I didn’t lament. I knew there was more goodness where that came from. When I visited there was a yelp check in for a free muffin, a banana nut muffin. I had high hopes for it, and after a hot and sweaty hike that muffin was my oasis in the desert.

egg_works_las_vegas_2The same perfect consistency as the French toast earlier that morning! Egg Works is a small franchise in the Vegas area. It may not be a fancy brunch spot, but it serves up some delicious food and there is more than one location for a reason. The service is real friendly and spot on, there is even a little device to make your server aware if you need anything. Great food, fast friendly service, very affordable, comfortable, all good things, yes – count me in for Egg Works anytime I’m in Vegas.

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