Komex, Las Vegas Eats

My plane just landed in Las Vegas. It was a sunny afternoon, and I was ready for lunch. I hopped in the rental car and headed to Komex [633 N Decatur Blvd Ste H Las Vegas, NV 89107], a Korean and Mexican fusion joint. It is located off the strip, in a strip mall, and has a little parking lot. This was a perfect spot to set the mood of the trip, awesome. There are only a few tables inside, luckily we were heading in just a few minutes after opening. We snagged a table and watched the rest fill up shortly after, and many people were picking up takeout.

DSCN4016Complimentary chips with salsa and guacamole appeared after we placed our order.

DSCN4015The menu is really diverse, it was hard to choose between tacos, chimichangas, wonton soup, even musubi. I finally settled on the bulgogi plate, it was so satisfying. The half portion of chicken, an upgrade to fried rice, and opt to add in stir fry vegetables – so much food, so, so, good. It was hot, made fresh, flavorful tender chicken with zingy scallions. The vegetables were crisp and bright, the rice was sticky goodness.

DSCN4018This filling meal was the perfect union of two fantastic cuisines. Jeff got the fusion torta and the first thing I noticed was the beautiful bread – soft and buttery. From my one borrowed bite I loved the combination of flavors, everything you would want in a torta spiced up a bit with Korean hot sauce.

DSCN4017Komex was such a hit, the service was fantastic, good fresh food served hot and a lot. Would highly recommend stopping in to this unique, tasty, and affordable restaurant on your trip to Las Vegas.

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