E.K. Cibo’s, Schenectady Eats

I know my weaknesses. I don’t generally go for Italian food for that reason. When I see bread and pasta there is no stopping me. So I only have my affair with Italian once in a blue moon. Most recently it was with E.K. Cibo’s [1702 Chrisler Ave, Schenectady, NY 12303], I could break all oaths and eat there every night! This is the real deal. In a little strip mall of Schenectady it didn’t look like much from the outside, inside was small and cozy – it could be any neighborhood Italian eatery. As early birds on a Friday the place was already packed. We didn’t have reservations, but I’d imagine they would be a good idea on a weekend. We were seated amongst regulars and treated just the same. The bread came out and the feast began.

ek_cibos_It was fine Italian bread, dense but light and fluffy. In addition to butter they waitress brought out some olive oil.

ek_cibos_1Entrees come with a soup or salad. With health in mind for just one moment of the night I opted for the salad.

ek_cibos_3It came with a great little variety of veggies, clearly crafted with a little extra love, and the dressing was made from scratch. I truly enjoyed it, but I wish I never tried Jeff’s soup – a dance with the devil! The tomato soup was simply the best in its genre, ever, no comparison.

ek_cibos_2The depth of flavor was incredible. This was a sign of good things to come. For my entrée I got the baked haddock in a buttery garlic sauce, it was perfectly cooked and the sauce was amazing!

ek_cibos_6The garlicky spinach was a great accompaniment. You get a side with your dish, veggies or pasta. I of course went for the pasta. I am no pasta connoisseur, so I asked our waitress and she suggested the tagliatelle in a butter garlic sauce.

ek_cibos_7It was fantastic, there was so much of it I couldn’t stop eating. Nothing like homemade pasta. Thankfully Jeff was there to help me out with it a bit. For his main Jeff had a pork tenderloin wrapped in prosciutto topped with mushrooms and an incredible sauce.

ek_cibos_4He was all about it and ate every last morsel. When asked which side he opted for veggies and I was shocked at his choice, but they, like everything else, were delectable!

ek_cibos_5Perfectly seasoned and tender veggies, plus I got to snag a few carrots and he got some pasta so it was a good deal for all. With all of this amazing food we had no room left for dessert, next time for sure. The food and service are top notch here at this hidden gem Italian eatery, a step well above the rest.

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