Flour Bakery, Best of Boston

I wanted to try some of the regional cuisine in the area so I thought the delicacy Boston cream pie was an essential bite. Although the home of the dessert is located in the city, I kept hearing great things about a local chain Flour Bakery [131 Clarendon St Boston, MA 02116, though there are many locations throughout the city].

flour_bakery_I decided to go here instead, and I was very pleased with the decision. The bakery was packed, but the line moved quickly and we found a place to sit. The Boston cream pie was blissful. It’s not a dessert I normally go for – though I would have this one again and again!

flour_bakery_2Delicate layers of moist cake and cream, with a coffee taste, and perfectly smooth dense chocolate frosting. Oh yes, this is an epic slice of the pie…or really, cake. A divine choice, but while you’re here…you should probably try their sticky bun as well.

flour_bakery_1Good thing I had someone to halvsies with, this was a lot of dessert to eat. The sticky bun is what this bakery is known for, it beat Bobby Flay in a throw down! Yes it is that good, ask for it warmed up…oohygooey not too sweet, tears apart, wow. We skipped lunch to glut out on dessert here, so worth it!

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