Mapparium, Best of Boston

I’ve always been fascinated by geography and loved looking at maps or globes. Normally you look at these things from the outside, but if you know where to go you can look from within. The Mapparium [200 Massachusetts Avenue, The Mary Baker Eddy Library, Boston, MA 02115] is a three story stained-glass globe which you can walk inside, giving you a three dimensional perspective of Earth. The Mapparium is located within the Mary Baker Library next to the Church of Christ, Scientist grounds which has some fantastic architecture and is nice to walk around.

mapparium_It is a really beautiful and such a unique attraction, worth visiting on a trip to Boston. You must go with a guide, tours are every 20 minutes and last 15-20 minutes. You will wait for your tour in the Hall of Ideas, a beautiful space.

mapparium_1While you are waiting you may be mesmerized reading inspirational thoughts on a fountain, and be sure to notice the details on the chandeliers.

mapparium_2The tour is pretty interesting with some facts by your tour guide along with a recorded presentation and light show. You can’t take any pictures inside because the image is copyrighted, so here is one from tripadvisor to give you an idea.

mappariumThe globe is stuck in 1935 which is actually pretty neat because you get to see how much the world has changed. The acoustics are very strange inside the sphere. If you whisper at the end of the bridge it circles around to the other side, where they can hear what you say perfectly. At the center of the bridge your voice bounces back at you. It was totally worth it for the $4 student rate to check out this one of a kind attraction, really an artistic masterpiece.

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