Ball Square Café, Best of Boston

On our trip to Boston we only stayed in town for one night. On a Saturday morning we left at the crack of dawn from Albany – it was dark, frosty, and the sky was sprinkled with stars. The drive is just under three hours on I-90, and we were treated to the loveliest sunrise.

DSCN3321It made waking up early worth it. We wanted to make the most of the weekend and when we got into the city limits it was time for breakfast. We planned on spending the morning in the ‘burbs so we made our first stop there at Ball Square Café [708 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144] before heading to the nearby Museum of Natural History. We arrived just before 9AM and circled a bit to find a spot, 2 hour free parking just down the road. We walked up a few moments and saw there was already a little line early Saturday morning. Not to worry, we stood under one of the heaters and felt fine. We waited 25 minutes to get into the little restaurant, and there was a breakfast place right next door that we could have waltzed right into. Even with such limited time in the area, I was happy to wait to enter this café – it was so worth it. Finally we made it to the threshold and ambled our way around tables to sit down at our own. The menu is big and there were so many things I wanted to try! Jeff and I decided to go for two dishes and split them so we had a little smorgasbord of goodies. I heard the French toast was tasty, so we went for the apples and cinnamon.

ball_square_cafeIt was a huge serving I was really happy to be splitting it! So sweet and yummy, challah bread, fresh apples, ‘real’ maple syrup, and homemade whipped cream. It was garnished with a little orange slice, refreshing. Our other plate was the Broadway Blues which had a grilled blueberry muffin (need I say more?), a cheddar omelet for Jeff to devour, perfectly crispy bacon, and grilled mashed potatoes.

ball_square_cafe_I have to say Jeff only got one bite of the potatoes. I’m a potato monster, I love them, and these were divine. Yes it was worth the wait, we left stuffed and totally satisfied. I’d do it all again!

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