Dohnut, Dessert in New Paltz

If a donut has always been your favorite dessert, you are living in a dream world these days. Donut shops are popping up everywhere and I’m all for it, bring on the sugary circles! I love a good donut, and I discovered a space dedicated to these delicious treats at the Water Street Market on the edge of town in New Paltz. Dohnut. [10 Main St Ste 106 New Paltz, NY 12561] is a great addition to the dessert scene, the daily selection of donuts is both written and pictured with actual donuts at the window.

dohnut_water_street_market_I love the transparency, you know exactly what you’re getting. Jeff and I got three donuts and split the so we could try a few different flavors. Heath bar, chocolate glaze, and vanilla glaze, along with some gimme! iced coffee on a hot summer day… perfection in my eyes.

dohnut_water_street_market_2It’s just a walk up window, there is no indoor seating so find a spot to sit around the shop. The market is really beautiful, no shortages of scenic seating, a fountain, really cool shops – you should definitely walk through it if you’re in New Paltz.

dohnut_water_street_market_1But hey, we’re talking about the donuts here. They were moist, flakey, and excellently flavored! The simplicity and true taste of the chocolate glaze was my favorite of the three. I would love to come back on a day where they are offering some crazy flavors like cream soda, butterscotch, or coffee cake. If you’re in New Paltz and looking for some dessert, definitely try out Dohnut!

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