Unison Sculpture Park, New Paltz

Outside the hustle bustle of town on the road leading up to the mountains of New Paltz I always took a second glance passing by an artsy looking place. One particular day I decided to follow stop there and see what it was all about. That place was Unison Sculpture Park [68 Mountain Rest Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561], and I’m so glad I paid it a visit. There was a clearly defined path through the woods looping you around. The pieces were all so unique and interesting. I loved how certain artists used the natural surrounds to enhance their work.

unison_arts_sculpture_park_unison_arts_sculpture_park_7 unison_arts_sculpture_park_6 unison_arts_sculpture_park_8One shows this osprey suspended in flight eternally waiting to catch its prey in the lake.

unison_arts_sculpture_park_2Another named this piece: Death takes a Holiday in the Gunks, the Gunks being a nickname for the nearby Shawangunk Mountain range…Spooky.

unison_arts_sculpture_park_5I really enjoyed each individual sculpture, and strolling through these peaceful woods.

unison_arts_sculpture_park_1 unison_arts_sculpture_park_3 unison_arts_sculpture_park_9 unison_arts_sculpture_park_11 unison_arts_sculpture_park_10I would highly recommend visiting the sculptures here and looking into performances and workshops offered at the art center.

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