Spiede & Rib Pit, Binghamton Eats

On my journey home from Syracuse I decided to break up the trip by visiting Binghamton. I had never been before, but heard that the city is known for spiedies: sandwiches filled with marinated cubes of meat. Not far off the highway Spiedie & Rib Pit [1268 Upper Front Street Binghamton, NY 13901] serves up some of the best of this tasty regional fare.

spiedie_rib_pit_2Even at an off hour people were streaming in to get their spiedies. Jeff and I spent the car ride in deliberating which spiedie to pursue and we both decided the Greek style was the way to go. We went for sub size combos (save half the sandwich for an excellent lunch the next day!) which were prepared speedily.

spiedie_rib_pit_These subs were sensationally tangy with a generous portion of tender chicken chunks merrily swimming with feta, onions, tomato, and a sea of shredded lettuce. The sturdy sub was fine vessel to hold the hefty innards. After a long day of hiking I uninhibitedly went for the combo – a coke and a little pile of perfect golden fries. Yelp check in offered a free cookie, the chocolate walnut was dense yet light and superb.

spiedie_rib_pit_1We were totally stuffed, with leftovers, I’d say the spiedie experience was a fantastic success! Thanks, Binghamton.

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