Best of Syracuse: Modern Malt

Fat Elvis, you are perfect to me. Modern Malt [325 S Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13202] was a delectable breakfast destination. Popping retro orange and turquoise decorations set the mood for you to pick a funky dish.

modern malt 2There were three men I was interested in. Barney Rubble had his fruity pebbles and B.B. King with his bourbon blueberry jam, but when it came down to it both got pushed to the side for the one and only Fat Elvis.

modern malt 1The bacon pancakes were the deal breaker, and bananas are my favorite breakfast fruit. This sweet and savory mix was an utterly faultless concoction. Come hungry, this was a massive portion I couldn’t conquer. Jeff was able to overlook tempting sweet options like lemon meringue waffles and raspberry almond stuffed French toast and go for a breakfast sandwich.

modern maltAll elements were cooked just right, and situated on a fluffy toasted bun, creating a grand bacon egg and cheese. Modern Malt gets packed, go early to avoid waiting!

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