Best of Syracuse: Lipe Art Park

An abandoned train yard transformed into an art park, how romantic? A tiny little treasure in the middle of the Syracuse warehouse district, Lipe Art Park [W Fayette St, Syracuse, NY 13204 Between S Geddes St & Seneca St] brings color and life into a once dreary locale. It’s just a small green space that doesn’t take too long to explore. I spent a few minutes pondering the diverse artworks early in the morning. In the far corner of the park I looked at two cement blocks with strange cuttings out of them and really didn’t think they were anything significant…

lipe art park syracuse 4However if you walk around to the other side of the blocks, you can more clearly see it’s a welcome sign reading, ‘Lipe.’ Some cool paintings on different canvases grabbed the eye.

lipe art park syracuse 2 lipe art park syracuse 1My favorite piece was a metal skeleton of a building which was three-dimensional, and modeled the warehouses around it.

lipe art park syracuse 3I could imagine coming here with a book or a picnic on a sunny day. Nearby buildings had some artistic graffiti on them adding to the scene.

lipe art park syracuse lipe art park syracuse 6Other interesting art elsewhere in the city included the Loch West monster who was exceptionally awesome,

syracuse street art 3 syracuse street art 2And bridges which held the phrases:

syracuse street art syracuse street art 1 syracuse street art 4Fall leaves/Winter longs, Spring comes/Summer waits, Now that we hare here/Nowhere else matters. During my short stay in Syracuse I loved the flair the local artists created. I wonder what other gems are hidden within plain sight?!

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