Superior Merchandise Co

Coffee, ritzy little snacks and trinkets, wine. Superior Merchandise Co [147 Fourth St Troy, New York] is a conglomerate of things you want. Your eyes will take you in every which way looking at walls, shelves, and tables with carefully picked items.

Superior Merchandise CoThe devil is in the detail and this shop clearly takes the time to make sure each item is picked for perfection. Pursue the merchandise, then head to the counter and speak to your barista, or bartender.

Superior Merchandise Co 1I was lured in this summer by the idea of an iced lavender latte, but stay awhile on the quiet patio with a pal sipping and savoring the good stuff.

Superior Merchandise Co 3 Superior Merchandise Co 2The coffee was brewed nicely with a hint of floral lavender lingering. The patio is a great place to sit with some morning coffee, or have a glass of wine after work. If you fear the impending cold weather there’s room inside as well.

Superior Merchandise Co 4This multifaceted shop is an addition to the Troy scene, I’m looking forward to my return for a glass of wine one evening.

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