Best of New Hampshire: Andres Institute of Art

The integration of art and nature, nothing is more delightful than an outdoor sculpture park! Andres Institute of Art [98 NH-13, Brookline, NH 03033] is the largest outdoor sculpture park in New England, and it is free to visit. There is an excellent trail map in the parking lot which will help you to see all of the special nooks and crannies within the winding paths, and lists the name of each piece of art. You can spend hours here roaming the miles of wooded trails interpreting the unique and interesting sculptures created by artists from all over the world.

Andres institute of art 7 Andres institute of art 5 Andres institute of art 6 Andres institute of art 2The sculptures of the park are dispersed upon on a mountain, so you will get good exercise if you traverse to the summit. This time of year is exceptionally beautiful as the leaves are changing.

Andres institute of art 8You may spot frogs by the lake, as you are viewing some sculptures that look to me like wasp nests.

Andres institute of art Andres institute of art 3The informational panels by each of the sculptures aren’t laminated so they are weathering, but that adds to the beauty of them. Be sure to read them, some have beautiful and inspirational messages.

Andres institute of art 1 Andres institute of art 4Wander, ponder, enjoy, get inspired – this is a most beautiful place to visit.

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