Best of New Hampshire: Clark’s Trading Post

Lions and tigers and bears oh my! Well, scratch those first two, Clark’s Trading Post [110 Daniel Webster Hwy, Lincoln, NH 03251] its all about the bears. Opened since 1928, this quaint, classy, family owned theme park has one captivating bear show. Before you grab for your phone to call PETA, the local bears were obtained because they could not survive in the wild on their own and they have spacious accommodations to live in when they are not performing. Walk down the lane lined with picturesque New England brick buildings, mini museums, a popcorn wagon, the gift shop selling fudge, and make your way to the arena for the show. Get there early to find a good seat! The bears clearly love the people they are performing with, and both parties put on an amazing show including [during my visit] but not limited to, swinging, basketball, and scooter riding.

clarks trading post clarks trading post 1It was remarkable to see these intelligent creatures performing such feats, witnessing their unique personalities, and just beholding their massive physical features. Although the bear show is what drew us to the park and was well worth the price of admission alone, it has a lot more to offer especially if you have kids! Other exciting attractions include steam train and water raft rides, segway park, climbing tower, water boats, circus, and the mysterious wolfman.

clarks trading post 2A trip to the park assures a fun time, unique, and unforgettable time. Go for the bears, stay for the charm.

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