Woodstock Eats: Sunfrost Farms

It’s everything I want from Woodstock: sunshiny, organic, kitsch, and aside from all that – a truly tasty lunch spot. Sunfrost Farms [217 Tinker St, Woodstock, NY 12498] has got it going on, and therefore is understandably packed on a weekend. Just outside the hubbub of the main drag find a spot in the lot and see if there are any free tables. There is both inside and outdoor seating. Inside you can take a look at the colorfully cartooned menu, outside you can sit under the open canopy with the sparrows.

sunfrost farms 4 sunfrost farms 3There weren’t any when we got there just past the lunch hour, but we didn’t mind lounging on a chair looking out into the garden until one shortly opened up.

sunfrost farms 5Their menu is really great and has a myriad of healthy and yummy options. Don’t pass up on a refreshing blended fruit shake, trust me. The sandia was divine made with watermelon and fresh lime, I couldn’t help but drink it much too fast.

sunfrost farmsLunching with my Mom is always the best because we can split things we both like, on this day we got the black bean burrito and fish taco.

sunfrost farms 1 sunfrost farms 2The fresh flavors and ingredients were totally satisfying. The meals came with chips and a little side salad so it was quite a feast. Afterwards be sure to check out their little market which sells fruits, snacks, and plants.

sunfrost farms 6Tasty times at Sunfrost, can’t wait to return.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Very tasty after hiking in the Catskills!

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