Best of Los Angeles Mexican Food

Los Angeles is known for its phenomenal Mexican food, so when visiting I planned on eating quite a lot of it. I love trying different menu items, but one I can’t escape ordering is a fish taco – my absolute favorite dish! Below are some of the best Mexican joints which whip up some awesome fish tacos, along with other regional classics.

The authentic spot… If you’re looking for some delicious Mexican food first thing after you hop off a flight to LAX, look no further than Zacatecas Restaurant [13737 Inglewood Ave Hawthorne, CA 90250]. It’s a quick ride from the airport, tuck your car into the parking lot and grab a seat in this homey restaurant.

Zacatecas 5The service is excellent. Our waiter brought us chips and salsa to start and the owner came to our table multiple times during our visit to see how we were. An appetizer of really fresh tasting guacamole was welcomed as our entrees were prepared.

Zacatecas 8Jeff ordered a huge bowl of posole which he really loved. It had a spicy broth and hunks of pork, and was accompanied by cabbage, onions, herbs, and lime to add to taste.

Zacatecas 1I got a simple yet delicious fish taco and a cheesy filling tamale.

Zacatecas 2We were stuffed and not planning on having any dessert, but the owner swooped by with a complimentary hunk of flan.

Zacatecas 6I wasn’t a huge fan of flan until this day. When prepared correctly, it is divine! This was the most wonderful introductory meal to Los Angeles and set a great mood for the trip.

The hip spot… Guisados [1261 W Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026] is a taco joint with a few locations, I visited the one in Echo Park. We parked in the lot and hopped on the line that wrapped around the street. It moved fast, and while we waited we watched the workers making handmade tortillas.

guisadosWe ordered, grabbed our aguas frescas and sat down on the lovely colorful patio to await our meals. I got a melon and Jeff got an Armando Palmero, the mixture of Limon and Jamaica.

guisados 3The grilled fish tacos were perfectly fresh, light, and flavorful. In addition to the normal cabbage and salsa these tacos had black beans, peppers, and a yummy avocado/cilantro cream on top. So good!

guisados 1We also tried the beautiful black bean taco with queso fresco and chipotle chile , and a quesadilla with a chipotle sour cream. Yes these guys know their stuff. Oh, and Jeff decided to order the chiles toreados as well.

guisados 2The cashier warned him of the consequences of his decision, but he persisted. This was served on a separate platter. As a person who loves really spicy food, it was truly the most soul scorching item he has ever ingested. He described as ‘decimating, but highly recommended’. Proceed with extreme caution, I could barely manage a bite of it. I loved the food and the ambiance, and will never forget the crazy chiles taco!

The casual spot… Senor Fish [4803 Eagle Rock Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90041] was a bit hard to find at night, it’s corner entrance is slightly hidden from the main street. We circled twice with no avail, and about to give up on the third time finally spotted it – and thank goodness we did because their food was fantastic! There is a small lot and a lot of street parking. We walked in, looked at the big tempting menu, and finally ordered. Sipping on our amazing watermelon aguas frescas we headed to the patio to hang out in the breeze and await our feast. The fish tacos were so darn good and heaping with tasty ingredients, you can pick from a variety of fish what you put in your taco. Make sure to hit the salsa bar for extra spice.

Senior Fish Taco 3I got one, and Jeff got the plate which came with three fish tacos, rice, beans, salad, chips, and a little cup of ceviche for $12, a pretty good deal.
Senior Fish TacoWhat really blew us out of the water was the grilled fish torta, which was among one of the best things I have ever eaten!

Senior Fish Taco 2This hot and fresh sandwich was on some killer buttered toasted roll and had some sort of addicting sauce. The torta sealed the deal, I wish I could go back for it daily! So everything was delicious, we loved hanging out on the casual patio, definitely a great little place to grab some memorable Mexican.

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