Washington County Eats: Sweet Beet Bistro

I found a new love! I am the biggest fan of Sweet Beet Bistro [93 Main St, Greenwich, NY 12834], a romantic little dinner spot on a picturesque rural main street.

sweet beet bistro 3When a restaurant cares about the ingredients they put in their food and community that they are situated in, you get a warm feeling. When the food happens to also be incredible, well you’ve hit the jackpot buddy. Sweet Beet has got that golden combination, everything that entered our mouths was absolutely delightful. We started with chimichurri shrimp appetizer, Jeff’s choice.

sweet beet bistroThe shrimp were succulent and well seasoned as they could be. I was happy about that, but what shocked me was the purple stuff underneath. Cabbage, you’ve seen it right? So have I, and yeah I’ll eat it when it’s on the plate and go on with my life. However, this was the first cabbage that I will never forget. It wasn’t the vibrant purple color that made it so special, no, but a sweet burst of coconutty flavor that clung to this cabbage. Keep it coming! Our entrées did not disappoint. Jeff went with a curried chicken with yogurt sauce which also had a bright and beautiful color.

sweet beet bistro 1The meat fell off the bone and as I stole a slice and slathered it with sauce I thought, this is how chicken should always be. So tender and tasty. We cook a lot of chicken at home so when we go out I like to get a different meat, but this is a chicken worth ordering again and again. When I stopped nibbling from Jeff’s plate and looked at my own, I saw these gorgeous ravioli stuff with wild mushroom.

sweet beet bistro 2The mushrooms were perfectly earthy with some savory cheese. They were oh so sweet on account of the plentiful corn kernels and delicately thin – dainty almost. Normally I don’t go for pasta, because it’s another thing I cook frequently at home. Sweet Beet seemed to tempt us with the comforts of home and spin them in a phenomenal manner. Service here was fast and very pleasant, the art on the walls reflects the nature in rural Washington County, I can’t stress the wonderfulness of this restaurant enough! Check Living Social before you head out, there may be a coupon as added incentive to make the journey to Greenwich.

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