Croatian Sights: Diocletian’s Palace

If you’re in Split you simply cannot miss it. The structure: a fortress of ancient marble quarried locally in the 4th century AD to serve as a retirement home for a Roman emperor. Today Diocletian’s Palace is in and out of time at the epicenter of a booming city. Truth be told with just a few short days in town I didn’t get to wander around aimlessly through the winding walls and narrow alleyways

Diocletian 2As much as I would have liked to. You could spend days getting lost here. However, many of my destinations were within the palace walls so I got to know her casually. A few restaurants, a museum, some shops, a short cut here or there…a beautiful image that caught my eye,

Diocletian 3 Diocletian 5Yes I loved that this historical palace was omnipresent in everyday life. Just north of the palace in a little square stands a striking, almost wizardly, statue of a 10th century bishop.

Diocletian 1Local lore says that if you rub his big toe it will bring you luck.

Diocletian 4So many have the toe has worn to a gold color. I am hoping that this luck brings me back to the world’s most intact Roman palace one day, and all over the country of Croatia!

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