Croatian Sights: Roman Ruins of Salona

Yesterday in the Roman Empire the city was named Salona. Today in Croatia the city is named Solin. Salona was once the capital of the Dalmatian province of Rome and the birthplace of the emperor Diocletian. You can still find traces of the Roman Ruins of Salona [Bus #1 to Salona, tell your driver where you are going and s/he will point you in the right direction] if you know where to look…

Solona Ruins 3 Solona Ruins 12 Solona Ruins 8 Solona Ruins 4 Solona Ruins 7Just a short bus ride north of Split and well worth the excursion you’ll find yourself, possibly alone, in the middle of a city which once held 60,000 inhabitants. Eerie, yet undeniably beautiful.

Solona Ruins 1 Solona Ruins 6 Solona Ruins 9 Solona Ruins 2Whether you are interested in history, archeology, or neither one can’t help but enjoy a free stroll in this stunning setting. From wandering about your abandoned Salonian city you may have forgotten that civilization exists. A glance not too far in any direction will remind you that these ruins are indeed out of time and you are not in some post-apocalyptic fantasyland.

Solona Ruins 5 Solona Ruins 10We would have loved to explore this huge archeological treasure further, but as nature would have it a storm was slowly rolling in. We stayed until it started to drizzled and then raced back to the bus station in the rain and thunder laughing the whole way!


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