Croatian Sights: Froggyland

Of all the museums to choose from in a city, I insisted on Froggyland [Kralja Tomislava 5, Split, Croatia]. Everyday I would tell my companion after long weary hours of exploration, let’s go to Froggyland and at last – she was worn down by my incessant exuberance. Heck, I even invited our new hostel roommate to join us. How do you know if someone is cool? Take them to Froggyland on a first date and if they can handle it, they’re in. This chick from Montreal was in. We all were. Froggyland stays open late so it’s a real alternative nightlife spot. But don’t go looking to meet others, we were the only people there. What is Froggyland? you must be thinking by now. Well it is a small inexpensive museum with an exhibit of taxidermy frogs over 100 years old. There are a number of absolutely ridiculous scenes. Ever think of a frog at the dentist? Check.

Froggyland 3Freak show frog on a bed of nails? Nailed it.

Froggyland 4Truant baby frog being dragged to frog-school? Too good to be true.

Froggyland 2This is the world’s largest collection of taxidermy frogs– 507 to be exact. I’m proud? to say this absurd exhibit isn’t my first rodeo, as I have visited the Dead Frog Circus in Massachusetts. Froggyland brings this craft to a whole new level though, and if you’re into the strange and deranged drag your good hearted friends here on your visit to Split.

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