Best of Croatian Parks: Marjan

Sandwiched between the city and the sea you will find a forest haven away from it all that Croatians have been flocking to since the 3rd century. It is oft called the ‘lungs of Split,’ and what a lucky city to have so many beautiful and cleansing pines so close by. The Marjan Forest Park [West of old town Split] is a large peninsula within walking distance from downtown Split. Its meticulously maintained miles of trails allow for hours of exercise, quiet contemplation, or nature study. If you’re in old town looking in the direction of Marjan you can see a flag at the top of the hill which we intended to reach on our walk. Without an accurate map we meandered in one direction, up, starting at some stairs.

marjan 6Along the way there was much to see. Little lizards, snails, birds, and cats were presently living their lives amid the trails.

marjan 9 marjan 15 marjan 1Vibrant flowers speckled about within the varied greenery.

marjan 10 marjan 18 marjan 8Before long you may reach a beautiful vista, barely above the tree line. Keep going until you reach sight of the flag flapping in the wind, get up there and let it wick your own sweat away.

marjan 11Here you will find 360 degree views: mountains, islands, and a myriad of reddish clay roofs.

marjan 12marjan 14When you’re ready to move on you may head down the same path we did continuing west to uncharted territory. Our path uncovered abundant lovely little churches, some dating back to the 13th century.

marjan 16 Marjan ChurchInstead of heading north towards Bene, we headed south towards Kašuni beach. The sight of the shore jutting into the sea was stunning.

marjan 19We found a quiet space on the pebbles and took in the scene.

marjan 3It is easy to relax and float in these warm waters after your day of exploring, a perfect final memory at Marjan.

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